Bible Study Groups

Come enliven your faith-life by deepening your knowledge of Christ as revealed through the Sacred Scriptures. Join other parishioners and our neighbors in opening the Word of God in various study programs held throughout the year. Please watch the bulletin for times and places, or contact the parish office if you are interested in facilitating a new group.


Cursillio Movement

The Cursillo Movement, which began in Spain in 1949 and came to the United States in 1957, is described by the Catholic Almanac as an “instrument of Christian renewal designed to form and stimulate persons to engage in evangelizing their everyday environments.”

This rather intense formation process happens when a person attends a Cursillo, or “little course,” a structured program of three courses, each taking three days or a weekend. To continue this new growth in Christ, those who have taken the “little course” are encouraged to meet weekly with others who have taken the little course to pray, hear a teaching and discuss Scripture. These local gatherings are called “ultreyas” which means “fourth day” suggesting by that name that what was initially received on the three day “little course” must continue to grow.