Dominican Speaker Series 2017/2018

Join Br. Christopher Wetzel, O.P. for a Three-Part Lecture Series on Faith & Science

How did the world begin? What is the origin of the different species of living things? How did humans come to be? Some think that the answers to questions such as these reveal a conflict between divine revelation as found in the bible and contemporary scientists, but is this really the case?  In this lecture series, Br. Christopher will explore the relationship between important scientific theories and the Catholic understanding of the truths revealed by God in scripture.


Tuesday Dec. 12th:

Miracles, Creation, and the Big Bang

In the Mary Magdalene Room (7pm – 8pm)

Tuesday Dec 19th:

Evolution and the Book of Genesis

In the Parish Hall (7pm – 8pm)

Tuesday Jan 2ndth:

Galileo and Empiricism

In the Parish Hall (7pm – 8pm)

*These sessions count toward SDS Stewardship.