An Epiphany

Poem Submitted by St. Dominic’s Parishioner, Ed Simonsen

 An Epiphany
My soul cries out in the deepest
darkest depths of despair and foreboding
Oh my God what is it all about and why
am I here and what should I be doing?
Relentlessly time ticks on as time
perpetually always will
unimaginable anxiety creeps over me, 
but my brave heart beats on still
when then, oh when will it cease so at 
last I shall come to my nest
But time with it’s own agenda races
on like some herculean Olympic test
A journey strewn with pitfalls, hypocrisy,
stress and strife
How then will I overcome these hazardous
obstacles in my life
Then suddenly between the dark clouds
a ray of sunshine breaks through
The sun in all its splendor makes an
appearance overdue
Then as bright as a lightening flash
I know what I was born to do and be
For in the echoes of my mid and the 
depths of my soul, Christ whispers
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Ed Simonsen, Christmas 2014