Answered Prayers and Intercessions

Parishioner Story- The Carpenter’s Intercession

Jesus Saves! I’ve seen those flashing signs and wondered why people wasted the neon. But this time Jesus really did save the day, as the expression goes. It all started when I agreed to do some property management for someone who was going to be out of town. I expected paper work, rent collecting, and consequently, some human relations work. Those expectations were all fulfilled!Jesus Saves Home Decor Display Neon Light Sign

But then, out of nowhere, in one of the apartments, someone stepped on a bathroom tile between the tub and the toilet and the floor fell out under foot. Sure enough, water, rot, and time had conspired against the structural integrity of the plywood in the sub-floor making every trip to the toilet a precarious adventure. Unfortunately, the tenant in that apartment is wheelchair bound with limited upper-body dexterity. Needless to say, I was very concerned, ok, ok, downright worried about the guy. 

I had jury-rigged a patch under the broken tile so that it would hold for a couple of days until I could get a professional in to take care of the job. Well, one thing led to another and five days later cancellations and missed appointments put me back at square one with the floor still full of rot and my stomach in a knot every time I thought of the guy having to go into his bathroom. And, still, no one could find the time to get this one job taken care of.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Tuesday night I decided I would have to figure out some way to brace the floor. I didn’t have any construction background, but I did have Google “How-to” sites and YouTube. Something had to be done and I was the only one available. I didn’t like it much. I told my ‘boss’ so.  I also poured my heart out in prayer. I prayed differently Tuesday night than I usually do. I spoke to Jesus directly. Usually, I address the “Father”, or I speak to my “Lord”.On Tuesday I spoke to Jesus, “Jesus, I need your help! You were the son of a carpenter. You did carpentry. You know how to do this. I don’t know what I’m doing and I can’t afford to mess this up because I don’t want anyone tjm_200_NT1.pd-P7.tiffo get hurt.”  (For the record I did also ask St. Joseph to give me some directions and tell me what to do too.) As I finished talking to Jesus I felt peace. I knew I had been heard and I slept well.

The next morning “stuff” interrupted my intended schedule, but it did not bother me as much as it usually does. I finally got to the apartment, and despite my trepidation, was able to dismantle the toilet and do the demolition on only the section of the floor that was in dire need of repair. I took measure of what I needed to do the bracing and headed to Home Depot for the 2×4 and necessary hardware.

As I approached the cashier, lumber on my shoulder, cash in hand, purse-strap tangled in my hair, juggling screws, a jug of glue, a new toilet flange, and some of that black PVC piping stuff, a friend spotted me, stopped to say hello and asked if I was now getting into the carpentry business. No longer experiencing any of the peace I had felt the night before, I said no and explained the situation. Appalled, he asked for the address of the apartment and told me to head back over there and “stay put.”

“I’ve got three guys working on the house I’m renovating,” he said, “I’ll bring one of them over there to help you finish up this afternoon.”

Extremely relieved I thanked him and said I would look forward to seeing him whenever he was able to get there. I paid for my supplies and headed back to work. It seemed only 30 seconds later that my friend’s truck pulled up. He got out, as did a guy with a tool bag. My smile stretched from my heart to my fingertips when my friend introduced the guy:

“This is Jesus,” he said, “He’s going to help you finish that little project of yours.”

All right, in the interest of full disclosure he did pronounce the name “Hey-Soos” But that didn’t bother me at all. Jesus helped me – actually he totally took over – to finish the job. 

I am at peace again. I have no worries of anyone falling though that section of flooring. I am thankful for friends, for help, and for God’s perfect and miraculous timing. And, I have an awesome Jesus story. … Not to mention a new contact number if I ever need help again. Thank you Jesus!
Anonymous St. Dominic’s Parishioner