Beginnings…by Fr. David


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Beginnings are always good. Their freshness is attractive and invigorating but at the same time somewhat nebulous: we simply do not know the future.  Children go back to school after a long   vacation, some start a new job, others move into a new house , new friends, maybe new relationships. After a restful summer, we are ready to go. We are happy, satisfied, but we do not know where we will end up.

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At every beginning we are to take a hard look at our past and be careful not to burden ourselves with unnecessary things in the future. In our beginnings, in our planning let us remember  the Beatitudes, in which Jesus gives us a way of life , a revelation of the will of God found in the 10 commandments. Here, Jesus sets a new living of perfection. The love of God enables us to go beyond the commandments and to stretch ourselves a little further beyond. Love has no limits.

Jesus had his own way of getting his listeners attention to a new beginning. He would say, “Amen, I say to you”. This implies a fresh start, Truth without any doubt.  Christianity teaches that we depend  on God, our Eternal Truth . But our lives also depend on the life of each other, of each individual. Also the life of each one of us has an effect on the whole group, just as the life of the group has an effect on the life of the individual. It is this love of God and the love that we have for one another that keeps us united, though we are different. Unity is essential to a successful group living, though our individual jobs are different, we are glued by the Spirit of love.

In our beginnings, let’s hassle a little more than we did in the past. Hope and trust in your God. God loves each and every one of us as each one was his only creation; that alone should be enough to give you strength and to look to the future with the assurance that no one gets lost in God’s presence. His love is both universal and individual.  With this in mind, try to make this beginning the best of all your beginnings of the past.

God bless you and yours.                                           Fr. David, O.P.