St. Dominic’s has partnered with FORMED to help our parish families learn more about the Bible, the Sacraments, or a particular topic of Catholic Faith. It’s like a Netflix of Catholic Content brought right to your home, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Through our parish subscription to FORMED, the Augustine Institute and its partners provide access to our parishioners to top quality online audio-visual programs, materials that can be printed, and other content to nourish your Catholic Faith. These resources can be accessed through computers, mobile devices (phones, tablets…), and certain internet connected TVs.
To do so you will need to set up a completely FREE account by going to You need to be eighteen (18) or older, or have parental or guardian consent to create your individual account. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address and to choose your own individual password. This will allow you to access a wealth of the best Catholic programs and materials that are available today.
There is no cost to you as the parish has already paid for a subscription to this content. I highly recommend you explore the excellent resources available through this service. FORMED-Flyer