Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage is the beginning of the life-long process of growing in Christian love with the person you mutually love & commit through the Sacrament and Vocation of Marriage.  We are here to assist you in that preparation, not only in the beginning stages, but throughout your new life together…

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Everyone planning on celebrating their marriage at St. Dominic’s is required to follow & fulfill all the Archdiocese of Sacramento requirements for couples wishing to be married in the Catholic Church. 

You will need to schedule an appointment with one of the priests at St. Dominic’s 12 months before your hoped-for wedding date.  This initial meeting is introductory and one for gathering initial information to start the preparation process.  If you will be preparing elsewhere, documentation of the pre-marriage preparation MUST be supplied to the priest or deacon.

The Archdiocese of Sacramento requires that a couple planning to marry in the Catholic Church attend one or more marriage preparation programs.

The beginning assessment process will include the taking of the FOCCUS Inventory, a survey used by the Catholic Churches throughout the United States.  This survey helps you as a couple to see more clearly any areas of agreement or disagreement in your relationship, as well as to surface important topics that you may not have discussed as of yet.

State of California Wedding License: You will need to obtain a marriage license from Solano County or from the county of your legal residence.  A marriage license is valid for 90 days.  A wedding license MUST be obtained before a wedding can take place.

You may obtain a marriage license application:

Solano County, County Clerk

675 Texas St., Suite 1900

Fairfield, CA  94533

Monday-Friday 8 -4 wedding guidelines

St. Dominic’s Wedding Preparation Check-List


The rehearsal is usually on Friday night @ 5:00 p.m. before the wedding.  Make sure that you have scheduled a rehearsal.  The wedding coordinator can assist with any questions about the rehearsal.


1)     Marriage License

2)    Programs


Fees for Church, Wedding Coordinator, Music, Engaged Encounter/Bless these Rings Programs all must be paid in full (1) one month prior to the rehearsal. 

St. Dominic’s Wedding Coordinator – Mary Ann Gaoaen 707.373.2018

Rules for Florists

1)  Flowers are not to be placed on either altar, the smaller altar on which the Mass will be celebrated or the high altar against the back wall of the Church.

2)  Do Not Move furniture.

3)  Any bows or flowers placed on the pews or elsewhere may be attached only by ribbon or elastic bands.  Wires, adhesives, tapes, pins, flower supporters, clips or holders are prohibited.

4) If flowers are delivered to the church, the florist may place in the back pews. 

5) Runners are not allowed.

Rules for Musicians

1)    All the musical selections must be approved by the priest who will be witnessing your marriage rite.  All musical selections must be associated with the Catholic liturgical tradition.  As a result, secular music such as, but not limited to, pop/rock, Disney and secular opera songs are not permissible.

2)   If you use musicians who are not on St. Dominic’s recommended list, they must be Church musicians.  This mean they must be able to sing the Gloria, Kyrie, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel acclamation and Agnus Dei.

3)   The church has a good sound system and concert-quality acoustics.  The church will provide one microphone which can be connected to the sound system.  Other microphones, speaker, amplified instruments, keyboards, etc., and other sound system or instruments with sound system may NOT be brought into the church.

Rules for Photographers/Videographers

The Church building is a sacred space, where people come to encounter God.  During photography sessions, please maintain a spirit of reverence.

1)   No one is permitted on the sanctuary during the wedding ceremony.  One (1) un-manned video camera may be set off on the side of the sanctuary prior to ceremony.

2) FLASH photography is NOT permitted DURING the ceremony.  Flash photography may be taken only after the ceremony and when the congregation has left.

3) The photographer MUST NOT to move around the FRONT  & CENTER AISLE of the church during the ceremony.

4) The photographer MUST complete the photo session within 90 minutes from start of wedding ceremony.  For example:  Wedding is scheduled for 2:00 p.m.  The photographer must vacate by 3:30 p.m.

5)  Furniture in the church cannot be moved or re-arranged.  (Before, During or After the ceremony)