Holy Orders/Discernment


          How Can I Recognize the call to the priestly life?


As with any vocation, there are signs and circumstances which may suggest a call to holiness worth exploring.

Enjoy working with people.
Apply yourself diligently to studies or job (people can count on you)
Your relationship with God gives you strength and direction
Love of your Catholic Faith and partaking of the Eucharist
Between the ages of 21 and 40 and open to the challenges of the Catholic church in the 21st century
Willing to learn and grow intellectually, spiritually, and psychologically

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10 Questions Parents Often Ask About Church Vocations” — An excellent resource written by Parents’ Standing Committee of the National Religious Vocation Conference.
Available for purchase at www.nccb-vocations.org.


The Scoop About Catholic Priests, Brothers, Sisters & Deacons” — This brochure is a good resource for questions on vocations, from the National Coalition for Church Vocations. 
Available for purchase at www.nccv-vocations.org.


What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?” (PDF: 346 KB) — A newsletter article on vocations from El Momento Catolico, U.S. Catholic, 205 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL  60606, Telephone: (312) 236-7782, www.uscatholic.org