In a Few Words….Why Sunday?

It is the Day of the Lord!

Believers in Christ have from the beginning come together on Sunday to encounter the risen Lord in the Eucharist. ” On the first day of the week when we had met for the breaking of the bread” (Acts 20.7). ST. Paul speaks of the first day of the week(1 Cor. 16.2) and in Revelation 1.10, mention is made of the Lord’s day. The Sabbath or the seventh day of the week is observed among Jews as a day sacred to Yahweh.Sunday did not arise out of the Sabbath, in fact the early Christians kept both the Sabbath
and Sunday. The first day of the week is sacred to Christians as the day of the new creation begun in the resurrection of the Lord, on the first day of the week. So, the observance of the First Day, Sunday, arose both from Scripture and tradition. It is the day of the Lord.