Faith Resources

The following are blogs and resources we recommend to help you increase your faith.

Conference of Catholic Bishops in California

The California Catholic Conference is the staff office of the California Catholic Conference of Bishops. It is the official voice of the Catholic community in California’s public policy arena.


Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Faith First

E-media for Catholic Spiritual Formation

Father Mario’s Blog- The Search for Truth

For anyone that believes faith and science don’t mix. Check out Fr. Mario’s new blog dedicated entirely to his studies regarding scientific, philosophical and theological interests.

Catholic faith on demand. Get thousands of movies, programs, audio, and books instantly. 


Resources for Tween, Teens, and Young Adults. Blogs, Readings, Inspiration, and Videos for deepening the faith. Check it out.

Pope App

Your way to all the information about The Pope. An app focused on the figure of the Pope. It will allow you to follow his events live and to set up alerts notifying you when papal events begin. It will also give you access to all official papal-related content in a variety of formats: news and official speeches, galleries with the latest images and videos, access to his calendar, and links to other services of the Holy See. Additionally, the app will let you see key areas of the Vatican through webcams distributed throughout St. Peter’s Square that are always broadcasting images. 

United States WesterConference of Catholic Bishops

The Vatican Homepage