Parishioner writes to local paper in Hawaii


 A St. Dominic Parishioner wrote to a Hawaiian newspaper in response to an article and it was printed. She would like to share this with our community as well.
Ilona Helmholz’s message to the paper….

Oh, did my heart rejoice (!!) when I read this headline in the Kauai papers last Easter.  I have since then been reading with great interest, the letters to the Editor with pros and cons regarding the Prayer gathering at which were many different denominations.   There are no fences in Heaven – Praise God we are worshiping together.

Since childhood I have had a deep and personal relationship with the Lord as my Heavenly Father and He has been present in my life ever since.   It was and is a living experience and He has not made a mistake with my life.   When the answer was “No” it turned out to be correct.  As a result I would also like to express my thoughts.

Our God is a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine and gave His life so that we could have life eternal.  This life on earth is fleeting and Psalms tells us “Make us know the shortness of our life that we may gain wisdom of heart” (Ps 90).   “If you are young look forward to God’s fidelity to you throughout your life, if you are older, look back on God’s fidelity to you through what is past.  Whatever your age, know that God’s love is the foundation upon which all our hope stands firm.  His guarantee is the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a deed deep, high and unsearchable that exceeds all our praises.”  (Ps 71)

I rejoice that the people of Kauai are expressing and sharing their faith – I encourage you to earnestly continue.  It is the Lord’s desire that all come to Him and I pray daily that all will come to know Him and spend eternity with Him – the other option is not an option.   

Keep on being faithful to the One Who is faithful.