Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


Perpetual Adoration ensures the 24-hour continuous adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ who is truly present body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist. Parishioners are encouraged to have a regular scheduled weekly hour of adoration. All parishioners are invited to stop in unannounced for adoration during the daytime hours.


“Could you not watch one hour with Me?”

Practicing our pillar of Dominican Spirituality for PRAYER!

All Parishioners Are Invited to Come Spend an Hour of Contemplative Prayer & Meditation in The Presence of The Blessed Sacrament. 


Perpetual Adoration Hours: All hours are assigned at this time to individual households. 
This unique 24 hour ministry is always looking for reliable substitutes and individuals as hours come available. If you are interested in participating in Adoration please email: Euly LeGro


What is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament?

St. Dominic’s, as you know is a unique Parish, one of the features that make it special is we are the only Parish in our immediate area who offer “Perpetual Adoration”24/7. The Adoration Chapel is a part of our Ministry Center which was actually built by parishioners. We have been abundantly blessed these past 21 years since Adoration began. Just ask anyone who has been involved in this Ministry and they will tell you of the many blessing that have been showered upon us.


What is Eucharistic Adoration? Catholic’s believe that during the Mass which we attend each week (for some of us daily), The priest during the Consecration speaks these word’s as he holds up the communion host, “ He took the bread and gave it to His disciples, and said: take this all of you and eat it; This is My Body which will be given up for you”. When the priest says this “ is my body” it is at that instant when through the miracle of Transubstantiation, the bread and wine which we offer as the bloodless sacrifice to our to our Lord truly becomes the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus. It is His true presence in the form of bread and wine.  It is Christ.
Perpetual Adoration: Is when the priest takes a consecrated host, such as that described above, and places it in a monstrance ( Monstrance come from Latin “monstrare” to show, to expose to view) The monstrance is placed on a special altar in our Adoration Chapel. Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is never left alone as adorer ( a person or person’s) are always present 24/7.
How do I go about becoming a part of the Ministry? You may sign up to be an adorer by checking the last page in our Sunday Bulletin to check the open hours presently available and call the number listed. More and more people are forming Teams to serve at a particular hour and a specific day of the month. By being a part of a team you can enjoy more flexibility and a less demanding schedule. The early morning hours are always in need of the team concept.
What do you actually do during Adoration? To be in the presence of our Lord can bring great joy to your heart as you begin to strengthen your relationship with Jesus just as you do when you visit a good friend. You have this special time alone with Jesus to recite your favorite prayers, read your Bible, contemplate acts of faith, hope, love, thanksgiving, reparation, pray the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or do whatever it is that you always share with a good friend. My own experience in adoration has become something I will never give up, as I have learned to share my entire life with Jesus, my successes as well as my failures and have found He treats them all alike when you hide nothing from Him.
You are greatly needed! Saint John Paul II has always been a strong advocate Eucharistic Adoration in fact he spent many hours each week before the Blessed Sacrament. This was something he did throughout his priesthood. I honestly think you will be blessed if you join us in this Ministry. How can you not be blessed when you begin to form a special friendship with your Lord Jesus Christ. pray that you will join us in this Ministry.            

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