January 18, 2015 Discerning God’s Will Can Be Difficult, A Pro-Life Message

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NOTE: The Audio quality is not up to standards on this file, but due to the content and timeliness of the topic we wanted to share immediately. 
Fr Jerome’s message on the Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade.
Fr. Jerome shares the message of saints including Samuel, Andrew, and Pete and the difficulty they had in discerning God’s will for their life, after they chose to be disciples of God. They had to discern to continue to follow Him one day at a time. They could not foresee the difficulties they would face on their journey, but without them they would have missed out on the grace and blessings. This is often the case in the vocation of parenthood, whether it is planned or unplanned. Fr. Jerome shares his past personal struggle with one of the most controversial topics of the Church and how he has come to understand through the witness and the counseling of friends and parishioners of whom are faced with the most difficult choice and were often left alone and failed by those around them. Time and time again, God redeems with love. The Church is a place of mercy and love and forgiveness. Please listen to this moving homily in it’s entirety.