Send your K-5th Graders to a week of fun at St. Dominic’s Vacation Bible Camp this Summer.


June 15-19 2020 , from 8:45am to 12pm


Early Registration , April 12-May 10 is $80 per child.

Late registration May 11-June 7 $85 per child.


Please note, this camp does fill out quick and we cannot accept late registrations when we reach full capacity.

We encourage you to register soon!


REGIS​TER after April 12


How would a typical day VBC day look like?
Each day, your child will experience celebration time, bible time, and games, and arts and crafts. Your child will be assigned to one of twelve groups and will remain in that group for the entire week.
What is the Ice Cream Social?
The Highlight of the week will include a family ice cream social in the Parish Hall on Thursday evening at 7pm. We will share with you the songs the kids learned, have a small presentation and you can tour the camp rooms.
When does it start and end?
Arrival/Departure: Check-in will take place (Outside in courtyard) between 8:45-8:55 am and check-out will take place at 12:00 pm at the same place.
Daily check-in and check-out will take place with your child’s assigned group Leader at his/her assigned group location. Your child’s group number will be included in his/her camper packet. Please do not drop off or pick up your camper without signing in/out–no exceptions-thank you!
What will the kids eat?
Kids will have a small water bottle and a small snack at 10:30 each day.
Your child will be given an allergy band each day which will alert the kitchen crew that your child has a special snack ready for him/her.
Breakfast: Please make sure your child has a nutritious breakfast each day before coming to VBC.
Allergies: If your son/daughter has a food allergy, please provide a suitable snack (fruit, granola bar, jello, etc.) and place it in a brown bag with camper’s name on it.
Pictures: Throughout the week, many pictures will be taken of campers and staff as they trek across the Safari. If you do not want your child’s picture to appear in the weekly bulletin or on St. Dominic’s website, include that in your registration please.
• Extension: Sorry, we do not offer extension during this camp.
What should my kids wear Everyday?
Attire: Campers must wear their Camp tee shirt each day, comfy shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS), shorts/Jeans, and sunscreen.
Tee Shirt pick- up to take place prior to the start of camp: Camper packets (tee shirts, CD and other details info) will be available for pick up at the Parish Hall on Friday, June 12th between 4pm- 5pm or on Monday June 15th at 8:30 am.
Can my kid entering pre-K in fall 2019 still register in VBC?
Sorry, only kids entering K-5th grade in Fall 2019 can register.
If your child attend St. Dominic’s Preschool, they will run the same VBC theme for that week as well.
St Vincent De Paul Society:
It has been a tradition for us to help out new mothers that are struggling to provide for their families through St Vincent De Paul Society, by donating diapers and wipes throughout the camp. We are also collecting kid-friendly food and snacks to St. Vincent de Paul School school-age children: Cereal, peanut butter, jelly, granola/snack bars, crackers, fruit snacks; just to name a few.
Your campers may bring their (Wipes, Diapers And/Or Food ) donation anytime starting Monday June 17th. For more info on how to help , visit this link:
Thank you! We are looking forward to sharing this adventure with your child.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
In Christ,
VBC volunteer director,
Dalia Nino





SETUP WEEK : Tues June 9-Friday June 12

  • 9:30am-12:00pm @ the Parish Hall (Students 6th Grade and older, and Adults)
  • 12-2:30pm @ the Parish Hall (Students 6th Grade and older and Adults)
(Bring your water and lunch if you’re staying for both setup shifts)


CAMP WEEK June 15-19,:
8:30am-12:30 pm


June 21, 12:30pm-5pm


Monday June 8, 6pm Camp Week Volunteer meeting @ Parish Hall
*Friday June 12 at 5pm Leaders-assistant Leaders and actors Volunteer meeting Parish Hall

If you cannot attend these meetings, please contact Dalia at daliavbs@gmail.com to setup an appointment instead.



Essential Details for Group Leaders & Assistant Leaders

Please plan on attending the training meetings prior to camp week.
Here is a recap of some important information you will need to know:
Meeting Time/Attire: Please meet in the Parish Hall at 8:15 am each day. Please wear your volunteer tee shirt each day. We will go over any updates when we meet at 8:15 am.
Your Group Locations: There are 12 groups, 12 group signs, each with their own sign-up sheet and location. After our 8:15 meeting in the Parish Hall each morning, you will go to your group meeting location and wait for your campers and parents to sign in.
Camper Sign-in/Sign-out: Every camper must have his/her parent sign them in and out each day. No exceptions. Do not let a child leave unless his/her parent has signed in/out. Sign-in and sign-out will only take place at your group meeting location. You will have a clipboard with a sign-in/out sheet. Please wait with your campers at your group location until all campers have been signed out.
Daily Activities: Your daily activities will include celebration time, group time, a visit to the Bible Room, Imagination Stations, fun & games, and a snack. There is a daily schedule that will be provided each day.
Supplies: Your supplies will be kept at your group location in a large bag. You will travel with your clipboard (it will contain a list of all your campers), your group poster, and your group blanket.
Allergies: If any of your assigned campers have an allergy, please make sure you place a pre-made allergy band on that child at sign-in. These bands will be kept with your supplies at your group location.
Bible Point: Each day we will teach the children a Bible point. Please reinforce this Bible point with your campers throughout your day together.
Cell Phones: Please do not use your cell phone from 8:45-12:15. If you see a staff member using her cell phone, it will be for communication purposes. The campers will appreciate us giving them our full attention during camp. Thank you for your help with this!
You will be serving in an important leadership role, so thank you in advance for your help with VBC!
Any questions, please email Dalia Nino at dalianinovbs@gmail.com .