Walk for Life West Coast

By Marco Roman, PhD. Director of Catechesis & Evangelization at St. Dominic’s

Lidia and I had the great pleasure of participating in the 2015 West Coast Walk for Life along with approximately 50,000 other pro-life defenders, both Christian and secular. We began the day by attending the Mass celebrated by Archbishop Cordilione, the Archbishop of San Francisco at the Cathedral only a few blocks away from where the Walk for Life rally was held.  We walked from Civic center plaza down Market Street and concluded approximately two miles at the Embarcadero.  It was an awe-inspiring and sobering walk as we marched with countless young people from around the Bay Area and across our great country stretching from East coast to West.  walkforlifewc

 It is truly hopeful to be united with so many people who are willing to make a public testimony for the culture of life in the midst of a society which still seems to ignore, misrepresent and distort the truth regarding the horror of abortion and its wide-ranging effects. It’s sad to learn of the lasting effects abortions have on the women and men including struggle with sorrow, loss and deep regret for the decision they have made, many of whom shared their stories at the Walk for Life.

It is clear and undeniable that the civil rights issue of today is justice and equality for the most vulnerable; those who wait in their mother’s womb to be born into a world were the most basic law for any civil society is upheld and preserved for all: Do not kill. It is no wonder the lack of dignity of life is spreading its error and evil and is infecting and eroding other fundamental beliefs, particularly the truths regarding marriage, human sexuality and family life.  Every time I attend a weekday Mass at St. Dominic’s and see the many young and innocent faces of our children I become very emotional, knowing the prevailing secular culture they face is constantly attempting to indoctrinate them in an illusory and false gospel. We live in a time when courageous Catholicism is needed to take back virtue from vice and to build a culture of life and civilization of love built on the truths of God’s commandments. The promises of Jesus’ presence in the Church must be our constant hope and inspiration as we build the kingdom of God and a culture of compassion, without compromising the truth of the Gospel. 

For more information and pictures of this annual event, I encourage you to visit. http://www.walkforlifewc.com/
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