Where is Fr. Vic Now?

Fr. David’s Homily to the St. Dominic School Children

Where is Fr. Vic now?

April 29th, 2016FrVic

Fr. Vic loved all of you. He still loves you, and he is with us in spirit. He always carried candy in his pockets, and some little kids
also knew where he kept the candy in his office. Some little children,
visiting the parish office with their parents, went straight to his
office, even if he was not there. They knew where to look.

Where is Fr. Vic now ? One child shouted…In heaven. That’s right.
Jesus promised to prepare a place for us, a place in heaven.
You know someone who died and they are not with us anymore.  We are
not to be here in this world forever. God made us to serve Him in this
life and then to go and be with him forever in heaven. It’s difficult
for little children to understand the meaning of death.
A friend of mine, once said, and I even remember reading it some place, that the
easiest way to explain death to children is to tell them this short
story, which I will apply to Fr. Vic’s death.

As you know, Fr. Vic and I liked to walk around the block. I miss him
a lot. Sometimes when I walk, I feel his presence.  Fr. Vic loved
Jesus, he loved to be in His presence. He loved , we can say, to walk
with Jesus. Once they walked together, they walked and they walked
till dark. Finally, Jesus turned to Fr. Vic and said,” You know we
walked a long time and it’s practically night, instead  of going  to
your home, which is far away now, why don’t you come to mine.” Fr. Vic
looked at Jesus and said,” Ok, I’d like that.”
So, Fr.Vic went into Jesus’s home and stayed there. He is in God’s kingdom now.
Fr. Vic, ‘ May the angels lead  into paradise, may all the saints come
to welcome you and take you to the new eternal Jerusalem. Eternal rest
give to him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest
in peace. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed
through the mercy of God rest in peace.’  Amen