New Rectory Building


When I arrived in Benicia two years ago the overwhelming request from parishioners, school and staff was “We need more space,” and I quickly came to the same conclusion myself.  Our parish, school and office spaces are already maxed out, and as we continue to grow our ministries in effort to serve the community, developing our space is our top priority.

To help us meet our need for space, the first step is building a new rectory directly across the street from our current ministry center.  Once the Dominican priests move across the street into a new space, 3,000 square feet of the current rectory space, upstairs from our parish offices, would be immediately available to create three meeting spaces, five offices and storage space.

In addition to providing more space for parish use, the new rectory will allow us to minister to our elderly priests who have served us over the years.  The new rectory is designed to be more user friendly for our elderly priests by taking advantage of the changes in elderly care that have been adopted since our current rectory was built over 60 years ago.  Also, a detached rectory will grant the priests a prayerful space by not living where we also minister to the public.

This project helps us meet the needs of this dynamic parish as we are today. Would you please consider a gift to help us reach our goal?

God Bless,

Fr. Jerome Cudden, O.P.


What we are accomplishing:

-Converting 3,000 square feet of the current rectory into new meeting spaces, offices, and storage for the parish and school use.
-Moving all of our parish staff into one building for effective ministry work.

-Supporting additional ministry meeting requirements and grow with the needs of the parish community.

-Building an accessible new rectory for our Dominicans.
Rectory Elevation
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Check out a video tours of the construction progress here:


What Parishioners Have to Say About the Project?

“It is my belief that the parishioners and priests who were here before us and whose labor and sacrifice helped build St. Dominic’s Church 161 years ago, intended for it to remain into the future for the parishioners yet to be born and to come. On their behalf and in return for their benevolence, praises to our generation in giving best efforts towards the continuing growth of our church and parish including, at this point in time, the construction of our rectory. Our priests are in need of a place of retreat in their home here with us that favors contemplation, prayers, freedom to holiness, and peace in God; and that renews them so that they may have the mind and strength to continue to shepherd us. We have been blessed to have them with us to provide us sacraments, to preach, to share our joys, to comfort us in our sorrows, and to help in our children’s education, faith, and future. In gratitude for their love of us and of God, and also in
thanksgiving for the graces my family and I receive in our lives, I make my offering for our rectory. I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us in its construction from inception to end and to guide each of us with our generosity towards this project. Amen.”



“We first heard rumors of St. Dominic’s proposed building project and how costly it would be. We wondered, “Is a new rectory necessary? We thought, “Seems like a lot of money.” Then we attended a meeting where Fr. Jerome displayed the Plan and explained how he had acquired the property directly across the street from the Adoration Chapel – an ideal location for a new rectory. Father explained the living situation of the priests and how crowded and make-shift are some of the facilities for the school and for the parish office. There is a need for additional classroom, meeting and office space. St. Dominic’s is a vibrant community and lots is going on day and night.

We came to see how a new rectory not only would be an appropriate and comfortable home for the priests who work so hard for us, but also how the move would free up rooms for parish activities, school expansion and office use. The expense no longer seemed so great when we realized all of the benefits. We decided it was a project worthy of our support and, hopefully, the support of the St. Dominic’s community. It really seems like an answer to prayers.”
~Bill and Sheila Elliott
“I moved to Benicia, CA from Chicago, IL in September 2008.  In the years that I have been a member of the St. Dominic’s Church, I have witnessed and have been the beneficiary of the high quality of service that the Church provides for its parishioners.  I have been a volunteer religious education teacher for at least three years and I know the condition of the school rooms.  I am involved in a number of ministries and I am aware of our need for meeting and function rooms.  From September 2008 to the present, there have been changes in the administration and I am certain changes will occur in the future.  St. Dominic Parish is changing and growing.  We have to provide for these changes.This is the right time to build a new Parish Rectory.  The Parish is growing.  We need meeting rooms for group meetings and ministry functions.  Our priests need a better place to live in.
It is time to build a new Parish Rectory.  We have the land to build it on.  We have the details planned and ready to break ground.
We have the leader who has the courage and stamina to put into action an idea that has been in place for many years.  We have a large number of parishioners who are willing and able to support the leader in this project.  Let us put our resources together and reach out to those other members of the parish who may not have known of this project.  Talk to family and friends who may be willing to open their purses to contribute their share in helping our growing community. “

~Rosalinda V. Ursua