Lay Ministry Formation

Do you want to learn more about the Catholic Faith? 
Do you want to earn a basic certification?
Are you looking for advanced formation opportunities?
We have the ONE PATH FORWARD just for you.
Please click on one of the direction buttons that best describes your formation goals:

“Forming disciples of Jesus in the faith is a lifelong process. Effective evangelization and formation of the young requires adequate evangelization and formation of their parents as well as the whole Catholic community.”

                                                                                                        (Diocesan Strategic Plan)


  1. Strengthen the culture of formation and ministerial identity within the laity
  2. Provide solid theological, pastoral, spiritual and human formation to the laity
  3. Develop catechetical and other lay leadership in our parishes and schools


Basic Formation

  1. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the Catholic Faith
  2. Catechists
  3. Catholic school teachers
  4. Other lay ministers
  5. Candidates for the Deaconate program

Advanced Formation

  1. Lay leaders responsible for lay formation in parishes or deaneries
  2. Master Catechists or candidates for a Master Catechist Certificate
  3. Deaconate Candidates